A New Approach To Reading & Learning Disabilities
Testing & Diagnosis of Learning Difficulties
Correction Of Learning Disabilities

Effective Solutions For Learning Needs

The effectiveness of our approach is proven through the ability to achieve remarkable success even with severe learning difficulties of long standing.

Remedial Services for Learning Difficulties

photo of school girlLearning difficulties do not have to be a life-long struggle. We believe every child (and every adult) should have the opportunity to reach his or her potential. We’ve seen our process help individuals break free from learning difficulties that hold them back through targeted treatments and programs that identify the source. Our services are available to students in private, public, and home school settings.

More Solutions

Restored Hope Academy

photo of teacher with students

For students needing treatments that are outside of the scope of our traditional programs, we offer Restored Hope Academy. Here children in elementary school may receive one-on-one training and specialized techniques to help overcome their severe learning disability. Restored Hope Academy only takes on a handful of students at a time. To qualify, students must undergo our initial diagnostic testing.

Restored Hope Education Center

Restored Hope specializes in the diagnosis and correction of barriers to learning. Our approach is unique and can achieve remarkable success even with those facing severe learning difficulties. Rather than identifying symptoms and offering short-term strategies, we offer solutions. An extensive battery of diagnostic tests is used to determine the underlying causes of learning difficulties. This eliminates the guesswork involved in treatment.  We then use proven neuroscience-based programs that have been developed to change how the brain processes information, thus removing the learning barriers.

Restored Hope offers services at:

2425 S Crysler Avenue, Independence, MO  64052

Stop guessing. Start testing. Contact Restored Hope for help with learning disabilities:         (816) 254-9785

Restored Hope Programs & Services

We offer a variety of programs and services to help children and adults with learning disabilities achieve their full potential.

Diagnostic Testing for Learning Difficulties

We don’t treat symptoms. We look for the source. If your child can’t read, spell, pay attention or succeed in math – find out why. Our tests will discover the root of the problem.

Programs for Learning Difficulties

We have a variety of programs for those who need help with:
• Attention
• Communication
• Handwriting
• Math
• Memory
• Reading
• Spelling
• Work and Study Habits
• Adult Needs