Learning Difficulties

picture of boy studyingLearning difficulties are agonizing, both for those with the disabilities and for those who share life with them. Schools and parents spend much time, effort, and money for learning disabilities classrooms, remedial reading classes, in-class help, and tutoring. But when the investment and time seems to bring no relief and disabilities persist, an overwhelming sense of frustration and hopelessness occurs. Traditional ways of dealing with learning difficulties involve compensation (teaching students to adapt) or accommodation (changing the learning environment to make it less demanding.) Although these methods can help in the short term, neither approach actually corrects the disability. It only addresses the symptoms, not the source of the problem. Restored Hope Remedial Services offers hope to individuals facing learning difficulties. Learning difficulties do NOT have to be a lifelong struggle. We exist to help those experiencing disabilities correct the problem and find permanent solutions.

Common Barriers to Learning

Learning disabilities vary just like individuals do. While there are hundreds of unique situations out there, we see common themes in many who receive treatment. We can diagnose, treat and correct any learning disability. Some of our most common services involve assistance with:  Reading difficulties  Math difficulties  Communication deficits  Attention deficits  Memory difficulties  Difficulties with organization and processing speed and efficiency  Anything that affects a child in the classroom they deal with  Senior adults that are losing their processing capacity because of age If you or your child is struggling with a learning disability you don’t see listed, please contact us. We run an extensive set of diagnostic tests that evaluate and pinpoint signs and causes of learning disabilities. We can cater a program to meet your unique needs in the event you’re facing a learning barrier prohibiting you or your child from finding success.

Stop guessing. Start testing. Contact Restored Hope for help with learning disabilities:         (816) 254-9785