What Is Restored Hope

photo of man and boy studyingRestored Hope is a learning center in Independence, MO that provides testing, diagnosis and assistance for those with learning disabilities. We work with adults and children and can also provide services at home or at another facility, under proper supervision. We’ve been implementing effective alternatives to standard methods of addressing reading and learning disabilities since the early 1980s and have become one of the premier remedial learning centers in the Midwest. Our mission is to: Use advances and insights from brain research to provide appropriate testing, accurate diagnosis, and effective intervention of learning disabilities; thereby removing the barriers that prevent children and adults from reaching and maintaining their created potential. We achieve our mission by providing a host of programs and services tailored to help those of all ages. Our programs are designed to remediate the underlying conditions that make learning very difficult or impossible. We’re not just a tutor or alternative to a learning disabilities classroom. We specialize in identifying the disabling impairment, helping provide spot-on treatments and removing the barriers quickly and effectively. We work to eliminate the problem, rather than respond to the symptoms. We’ve seen positive results achieved very quickly by both adults and children who use Restored Hope Remedial Services. Sometimes students make improvement within a matter of weeks, and almost always within less than a year.

Philosophy at Restored Hope

Because we help all individuals who face disabilities, we have a philosophy we operate under. Every teacher at Restored Hope who’s committed to helping all students achieve their greatest potential carries out these ideals.

Honorable Professions

We believe that all professions (other than those that cross legal or moral boundaries) are honorable. All such professions are needed by society, and all are important to society’s wellbeing.

Fulfillment in Professions

We believe that individuals can experience great joy in working in professions that appeal uniquely to them. No person should be limited by learning disabilities to professions that are less fulfilling to them than other professions they might desire to pursue.

Using all Learning Styles

We believe that human beings are created with processing systems that are designed to work together for optimum efficiency. Because of our unique make-ups we may naturally tend to prefer one learning style over another, but relying almost solely upon one learning style is inefficient, and likely reflects difficulties with the other processing systems.

The Brain can be “Rewired”

We believe that neuroscience research (the study of the brain’s function) shows clearly that the brain is remarkably “plastic”—that is, the brain’s neural networks can be strengthened, changed, and improved when properly stimulated. The brain can be “rewired” for more efficient functioning.

Insights from Neuroscience

We believe that insights from neuroscience research have given birth to many effective programs for correcting learning difficulties, or have validated many existing programs.

Correcting and Eliminating the Disability

We believe that teaching individuals to adapt to or compensate for disabilities is less effective than eliminating the disability. All efforts should be made to avoid adaptations, other than for short-term management of learning difficulties, if means for correcting the disabilities are available.

Neuroscience & Education

We believe that most future advances in education will occur at the intersection of neuroscience and education.

Stop guessing. Start testing. Contact Restored Hope for help with learning disabilities:         (816) 254-9785