Learning Difficulty Testing

photo of learning difficulty testingVery few people would be satisfied with a doctor who treated all patients with only one type of pill. Different illnesses require different treatments. When a child has a fever or suffers with a gut-wrenching stomachache, it’s best to identify why the problem is occurring and not just treat the symptoms. While the symptoms may go away with treatment, without an understanding of the root cause they are likely to return. In medicine, success is linked to an accurate diagnosis.  The same goes for learning and reading disabilities. Many conventional approaches to learning and reading difficulties involve compensation (teaching the child to adapt to the problem) and accommodation (changing the learning environment so that learning tasks are less demanding). These approaches fail to address the cause, and are simply designed to manage the symptoms. At Restored Hope we are committed to identifying learning needs with an accurate diagnosis of the causes, by:
  1. Thoughtful consideration of symptoms.
  2. Careful diagnostic testing.

Diagnostic Testing for Learning Disabilities

Restored Hope’s approach to helping you or your child with a learning disability is rooted in neuroscience and begins with isolating the cause of the difficulty. We recognize how important it is to listen to the person with learning needs as well as to others who could have valuable insights about the learning issues. Thus, along with an initial interview, we ask caregivers such as parents and teachers to fill out our Symptom Checklist and Survey of Language Functioning. Download the Parent and Teacher Symptom Checklist Download the Survey of Language Functioning  

Extensive Testing to Identify Learning Disability Causes

Our extensive battery of tests takes approximately 8 hours total and is designed to isolate the underlying causes of learning difficulties. Once the results are evaluated, we sit down with parents to thoroughly discuss the disabilities and issues we identify. We then recommend a course of action with the expected length of time it may take to improve or correct the problem. Many children have more than one issue; we give the child and parents a prioritized plan on how to address all issues. Most issues can be dealt with at either our Independence, Missouri or Overland Park, Kansas office.  In some cases, we may be able to deal with learning difficulties remotely or online.  In cases where we feel the child would be better served outside of Restored Hope, we offer referrals to external sources. We have been privileged to help children from 17 states.  

Stop guessing. Start testing. Contact Restored Hope for help with learning disabilities:         (816) 254-9785


Tests available at Restored Hope Education Center:

  • Auditory Processing
    • Random Gap Detection Test
    • GFW Test of Auditory Discrimination
    • SCAN-A
    • SCAN-C
  • Intelligence
    • Test of Nonverbal Intelligence
  • Language
    • Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals
    • Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals, Preschool
    • Test of Adolescent and Adult Language
    • Test of Language Development
    • Test of Language Development, Preschool
    • Token Test for Children
  • Reading and Reading Readiness
    • Gray Oral Reading Tests
    • Lindamood Test of Auditory Conceptualization
    • Woodcock Johnson
  • Vision and Visual Perception
    • Close-Point Vision Screening Battery
    • Irlen Reading Perceptual Scale
    • Motor Free Visual Perception Test
  • Other
    • Gibson Cognitive Test Battery
    • Griffin Number Knowledge Test
    • Interactive Metronome Proficiency Test
    • Tests of Working Memory