Support Restored Hope

Restored Hope is part of Restored Hope Foundation, a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our programs are funded by the cost of programs and generous donations and grants that we receive from a variety of organizations and individuals. Our goal is to provide assistance to every family facing learning difficulties. We provide low rates so that families may attend Restored Hope, however the program fees often do not cover our needs. We have unique ways you can support us. If you’d like to get involved and know how your financial donations are being used, consider getting involved in some of these unique programs. Each gift is tax-deducible, and we will provide you all paperwork needed as a receipt of your gift.

Fund a Scholarship at Restored Hope

Despite all efforts to keep our rates low, the cost of our remedial services is beyond the financial means of many low-income clients. Finding scholarship funding for needy families is a constant quest at Restored Hope. We often encourage those wanting to give Restored Hope a tax-deducible donation to consider giving toward our scholarship programs. Our application process allows us to determine families in need of scholarship funds and offer the assistance they need to get their children the help they deserve.

Purchase New Reading Resources

Restored Hope Remedial Services continually watches for new programs with proven track records or with high potential. As technology continues to speed up and new ways to teach those with learning disabilities expands, new programs are continually on the market. However these programs often do not come free – or even cheap. We’re always looking for donations from those who’d like to help us expand our programs and allow us to offer some of the latest, best remedial programs on the market. Programs currently being considered are: • Smart Brain for attention deficits • Lexia for visual processing issues • The Listening Program for auditory processing difficulties • Interactive Metronome program for in-home use If you’d like to donate toward or purchase one of these programs for our learning disabilities program, please contact us at (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

Fund our Administrative Needs & Supplies

As with any business, administrative expenses are ongoing at Restored Hope. Several of our programs require high-end computer systems to run properly. Testing materials are very expensive; new tests often cost between $500-$1000 and renewing testing supplies such as testing forms is costly. Our programs use materials, equipment, and supplies that are continually consumed and must be replenished. Incentive materials to keep interest up during intervention and materials to maintain a high-interest environment for children are necessities. You can help fun some of the “basics” through requesting your financial gifts be used to help keep us stocked with the “basics” and in a position to grow.

Contact Restored Hope to support learning disabilities assistance at (###) ###-####.