photo of teacher with boyYou dreamed for your child to be a great sports player, or to love music. Maybe you hoped they would have your eyes, or your spouse’s nose. Most parents never dreamed for their child to have a signature; but parents with children that face handwriting difficulties wish for nothing more. While handwriting is a learned skill for all children (and even some adults), some children face learning difficulties that prevent them understanding how to string together characters and write letters, words and sentences. Handwriting difficulties can range from physical difficulty of holding a writing utensil to knowing how to write their ABCs.

Assistance for Handwriting Intervention

Handwriting intervention often requires specific handwriting skills to be retaught after perceptual difficulties have been addressed. But before those techniques are retaught, we must understand the cause in order to avoid a repeat problem. At Restored Hope, we don’t only address handwriting difficulties, but we identify first why they occur through extensive diagnostic testing. A neurological understanding of how the child’s brain works and why the he or she is facing difficulty will allow us to provide treatments that offer a permanent solution in a relatively short amount of time. Programs and therapies to help handwriting: • Close-Point Vision • Irlen Syndrome • Seeing Stars Learn more about each program for learning difficulties. Learn more about diagnostic tests at Restored Hope.

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