Adult Needs

photo of adult studyingAdults can have the same learning difficulties as children. Programs designed to help children can also be effective for adults if adapted specifically for adult needs. Any program that is effective for children will be effective for remediating the same difficulties in adults, although it may have to be adapted to adult sensibilities. While children’s needs may be easier to identify as they go through formalized educational programs and testing, many adults face similar needs as well. Whether their disabilities were never identified and remedied as children, or they become onset with age, Restored Hope offers programs to meet adults needs when it comes to some of the same issues, particularly with attention & behavior, memory, work & study habits and more.

Brain HQ for adults

Although not directly offered by Restored Hope, the Brain HQ program addresses difficulties with visual processing, auditory processing, spatial awareness, attention, memory, and processing speed.  See the website at:

Interactive Metronome

Interactive Metronome is a very effective program for adults wanting to improve attention. It’s also helpful for improving balance and coordination in adults. Learn more about each program for learning difficulties. Learn more about diagnostic tests at Restored Hope.

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