photo of girlGood communication skills aren’t just important for those who make speeches or answer phone calls. Every child and adult needs good communication skills in order to function in society. We all use our communication skills more than we realize. Communication is important when sending messages such as placing an order with a waiter, calling a play or even sharing thoughts and feelings. Communication is also important when receiving messages – like when you’re watching a movie or listening intently to receive instructions or feedback. Regardless of if you’re a child, teen, adult or senior – communication skills are critical. We provide testing for elementary-aged students and can implement programs and therapies that help them send and receive verbal messages. While many students may receive help through the public school system through trained professionals who techniques and training, what’s often missing is an understanding of why the communication disability is occurring. We start by identifying the neurological cause of a communication disorder and then offer quick and permanent remedies.

Assistance for Communication Disorders

Good communication requires the ability to easily receive and produce verbal information. Difficulty with auditory processing can impair communication skills. Restored Hope provides programs and therapies to help communication issues for both children and adults:
  • Reception, Listening Skills
    • Fast ForWord
  • Expression
    • Various programs are used to address expressive language difficulties, including severe difficulties such as those connected with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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