Attention And Behavior

Many of the individuals we meet interested in the attention and behavior program have concerns about their child’s hyperactivity or problems with disruption in the classroom. Some parents are also concerned their children’s inattentiveness or poor behavior is related to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). These are worthy concerns; however these are all symptoms of a problem. Simply treating the poor attention and behavior will not fix the root problem.

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While such problems are most noticeable in the elementary classroom setting, children are not the only ones who may face difficulty with attention and behavior. Adults may also experience such problems as they age or undergo unique life experiences.

Assistance for Attention & Behavior Problems

Restored Hope can perform psychological, neurologically-based testing to identify the cause of attention and behavior issues. Behavior and attention can be affected by an underlying deficiency that makes processing information difficult and tiring. Many times both children and adults experience fatigue and inadvertently act out as a result. These same factors can affect behaviors and the ability to organize information effectively. Restored Hope can run diagnostic tests to identify the cause of attention and behavior problems, and provides the following programs to remedy the problems: • Close-Point Vision • Fast ForWord • Irlen Syndrome • Interactive Metronome • Play Attention • Processing and Cognitive Enhancement (PACE) Learn more about each program for learning difficulties. Learn more about diagnostic tests at Restored Hope.

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