image of spelling exampleEven in a culture that depends on red squiggly lines to appear under every misspelled word as we type or text, spelling is still a basic fundamental skill all children need to know and understand. Children’s spelling ability is a foundational skill that they will build upon throughout grade school, into their teen years and even into their careers. Going hand-in-hand with reading ability, students who struggle to spell may need intense therapies to boost learning and understanding of phonetics. Tutoring may help some children spell better. One-on-one teachers who take a different approach in explaining content may be what a child needs to perform better in spelling. Other students, however, face a more serious disability and need additional therapy than what public school systems and spelling tutors can provide.

Assistance for Spelling Difficulty

Restored Hope will identify the chemical makeup of a child’s brain and determine if any neurological learning disabilities are involved in a struggle with spelling. If neurological disorders are at play, we can provide therapies to remove the barriers and allow students to not only understand spelling – but excel at it, too. Accurate spelling requires a combination of good phonetic and good visual skills. Programs and therapies to help spelling: • Phonemic Awareness Intervention • Processing and Cognitive Enhancement (PACE) • Symbol Imagery Intervention. Learn more about each program for learning difficulties. Learn more about diagnostic tests at Restored Hope.

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