Work And Study Habits

photo of boy by school busFor some, improving work and study habits is a matter of getting organized, managing time well and setting priorities. Hundreds to thousands of lists have been created to help people better organize and strategize how to improve efficiency and workflow. And that works … for some. For others who struggle with work and study habits, a simple list on getting organized won’t help. Nor will the “Top 10 guides to time management.” Like attention & behavior problems, a psychological learning difficulty stands in the way. And unless it’s properly identified and addressed, work and study will not improve. While strides to get better in the short term might help, work and study problems tend to be cyclical. They’ll come back again and again. But rather than looking to medication or coaching for help, Restored Hope offers a different approach.

Assistance for Work & Study Habits

Both adults and children can benefit from our work & study habit programs. Work and study habit deficiencies involve problems with efficiency, speed, effort, sustained focus, rapid fatigue, among others. As with attention difficulties, underlying deficiencies that make processing information difficult can affect work habits. Programs and therapies to help work and study habits: • Close-Point Vision • Irlen Syndrome • Interactive Metronome • Processing and Cognitive Enhancement (PACE) Learn more about each program for learning difficulties. Learn more about diagnostic tests at Restored Hope.

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